SGT Metal to become official spokesman for Hop Hedz Gear

Heavy Metal, Beer, America. BOHICA - Bend over here it comes again.

That is the motto of Sgt. Metal. He is a public figure, a roll model, and a spokesman for all things crafted right here in the good ol' USA! Which is why he fits in perfectly with our beloved craft beer scene. Which is also why Hop Hedz is in negotiations with Sgt. Metal to make him our official spokesman! Once this deal goes through, and we are very confident that it will, you will be seeing Sgt. Metal featured in all of our upcoming commercials! We are super stoked to have him on board and we can't wait for you to meet him!

Sgt. Metal made a guest appearance at this year's Halloween Hoptoberfest held at Molly Pitcher Brewing Company. His presence was a huge hit and he was well received by the crowd. "He really knows how to grab the attention of everyone in the room, especially the ladies," said Cassie Fourlas, manager at Molly Pitcher.

Sgt Metal

Wes Breckenmaker, VP at Hop Hedz also spoke highly of Sgt. Metal's aura, "he really knows how to get people excited about American made beer, this guy can work a crowd!"

Sgt. Metal will not only be appearing in upcoming commercials, but he will also be making some guest appearances at upcoming shows and events. We really hope to get the deal in place before the holidays so he can stop out at some of our Christmas events that we have in the works.

Kevin Keller, director of business development at Hop Hedz Gear, had this to say about the legend. "When you have a polarizing figure like Sgt. Metal at your disposal, the marketing abilities of your company become limitless. We have been looking for that edge to take Hop Hedz to the next level and I firmly believe that Sgt. Metal is that edge. I can't wait to have him on board."

Stay tuned fellow beer lovers! This is just the beginning.

Your Loving President,
Bartley Kaminski

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